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Snapshot from My Bank ...
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

... the woman in front of me is going on and on to the teller about wheat grass shakes ...

"They give me soooo much energy. I mean look at me! Those things are incredible! Have you had one? ... They just give me so much energy!"

And as they conducted their transaction over five minutes' time she reached for, opened and ate ... literally crunched and swallowed ... THREE lollipops the teller keeps for children in a basket at her station.

Hmmmm....methinks it's not the wheat grass. I am wondering what assorted collection of wrappers we would find on the floor of this woman's car.

Postcard from Nebraska: Porn on the Plains
Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Someone years ago must have told the architect: We want you to design a state capitol for Nebraska. Lots of rich farmland here. The breadbasket of America and all that. We want it to symbolize fertility.

Mission accomplished:

When I was a student years ago at the University of Nebraska, we called it The Penis of the Plains. 400 feet tall. By law, no building in Lincoln can be taller.

 I think it gets an A+ in anatomical-correctness: long shaft, head on top. And looky here:

At the tip: a character known as The Sower, who throws his seed to the wind.

'Not much left to the imagination here.

The perfect hostess gift
Friday, July 12, 2013

Sign #4882E4 that I was traveling through Wyoming (This on a truck window in Dubois):

One question, sir: Do those also come in an Asian or African model?