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Blue Gold
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My newspaper columnist mother writes about her life with the bravery of a warrior. She sometimes writes about cringe-able moments like "getting my boobs smashed" at her annual mammogram. Once, shortly after she quit smoking decades ago, she publicly shared how her gynocologist, in the middle of giving my mom her pap smear, raised her head and remarked, "Joy! You've quit smoking! When were you going to tell me!" (Evidently, she could tell by the state of my mother's tissue.)

So ... in Hudler fashion, I present you with this report on Viagra.

It's a wonderful drug, a wonderful EXPENSIVE drug, and while I have not found it necessary in my post-50 years I have found it ... umh ... helpful. And since my wife's previous employer's health insurance covered a good chunk of the cost of the prescription, I thought nothing about it.

Then, she retired. And we started using my employer's health insurance, which apparently doesn't cover such elective prescriptions.

"It's, uhm, $219," said the twenty-something young woman behind the counter. (She actually cringed when she said it.)

"What!?" I blurted. "I don't need two hundred of them."

"It's, uhm...that's, uhm, the price for ... six."

"Six. ... Sixty?"

"Uhm...six ... Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah ... how many more years until that patent runs out?"

From my truck, I texted my wife: "Please tell me that we are worth $36.40 a pop."

"I'd pay $50," she answered.

And here they are, in all their splendor, displayed in a manner they so justly deserve: