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Wanda, Me, and The Reluctant Ice-maker
Friday, July 17, 2015

We have an automatic ice maker in the 'fridge that is either lazy or stupid. Twice we've had to get it replaced because it would stop making ice for long periods of time. For several days there would be no ice at all and then ..... clatterclatterkerplunkfssshhhhhh

WHOA THERE! ... Yes! ... It's awake!!!! ... look at this CORNUCOPIA of ice!!! 

And then, inexplicably, it would stop again. Sometimes it would work for an hour. Sometimes for a week.

Ice is a big deal in our house because cocktails are a big deal. So I bought three ice-cube trays as a backup. Now ... here's the odd part: Whenever we give up on the machine and start using ice trays, then she (he?) decides to kick in and start making ice, as if rising to a challenge.

We've even started trash-talking him/her to egg him/her on: "We don't even need you. We LIKE the tray ice cubes better because they're bigger."


My mother-in-law's spirit having fun with me?
Is that you?
Are you trying to tell me I'm drinking too much?


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