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Houskeeping Secret #554R2: How to clean crystal glassware
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My wife and I like to entertain, and, being Southerners for most of our adult lives, we like to do it up right. This means crystal glassware, of course.

Problem: streaking due to hand-washing. (There's always some microscopic bit of grease in there somewhere!)

Solution: dissolvable dishwasher pods.

As the sink fills with warm water hold one of the pods under the running water. A very-cool thing happens: the plastic melts, and the pod of liquid and powder dissolves right before your eyes. Let your young children do this part for you -- it's that cool!

Wash and rinse as normal. The water feels very slippery, so be careful with that crystal, but you will have absolutely no streaks in your glassware.

Linc Menner, protagonist of Househusband, would be proud!

Lost in translation?
Thursday, January 7, 2016

'Just saw this ad that promotes tourism in Equador:

On one hand, clever: using the interesting hide of an alligator to suggest the earth's topography. On the other hand ... isn't it a little scary?

... inviting someone to come romp through your lovely country that could, at any second, turn on you and eat you up? 

Unpredictable dictators, dengue fever, anacondas, hungry natives ...

Oh, the metaphors!