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Presenting: The Elevator Pitch for my next book!
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cash Reynolds is a jaded, Hipster bellman at the Cumberland Plaza Hotel in downtown Nashville, and when he gets fired for sleeping with the guests for money he starts a company – NashvilleGirlfriendWeekend.com – that proves to be the genesis of Music City’s unraveling.

While Cash is getting rich, the city’s crowds of women grow bigger and crazier. They dance on tables in restaurants and have sex in elevators. They leave trails of “penis glitter” all around town. Realizing that bottomless mimosas are replacing the music as the true draw to their city, the singer-songwriters of Nashville organize and begin to fight back. And just when you think they’ve lost the battle, in comes Clay Allen, seven-time Grammy winner and old-school country artist, who is yanked out of his retirement and drunken stupor by the arrival of TMZ in his once-quiet city.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Oklahoma City, sensing opportunity, moves in to seize from Nashville the title of Country Music Capital of the World.  The people of Nashville band together with their nemesis to conjure up an idea that will save their city and change tourism forever.