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How short should grown men's shorts be?
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To this day, a blog I wrote more than five years ago about the length of men's shorts continues to be the  most-read blog post at adhudler.com. Obviously, there's some confusion on the matter, and guys (or their wives) are looking for advice.

At the time, I said that grown men over the age of thirty should not be wearing the rapper-length shorts that almost look like baggy capris. (If they did so, they looked like they were trying to emulate their sons, trying to appear younger.) Grown men, especially we suburban men, could wear chino shorts that were cut above the knee. And we did -- that's exactly what we wore -- and our sons and daughters teased us about our hairy, exposed thighs. If you saw a man wearing above-the-knee shorts you knew he was over thirty, certainly over forty. But we were cool in hot weather and we went about our way.

Turn to today: A friend of mine came by for a visit this week. I opened the door, wearing shorts -- and she said, "Oh! You're wearing boy shorts!"

Yep...some time over the past two years -- and I witnessed this as a mega-hotel concierge -- the length of young men's shorts crept above the knee. Mid-thigh, actually. And now I look like I'm trying to dress young!

Oh, well ... fashion is fickle, and some day young men will be wearing those stupid-looking rapper shorts once again... and I, wearing my mid-thigh Lands End chinos, will be the subject of laughter.

Bring it on, boys!


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