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Nashville Bachelorette Scene #52
Friday, May 13, 2016

As I work with designers and editors to get my first Nashville-based novel out to the world -- title: "Cashville" -- I'm going to start sharing little scenes from the work in progress. This one shows a group of singer-songwriters cringing as a rowdy bachelorette party invades their favorite bar:

Suddenly, the doors burst open. Along with a blast of humid air blew in a cacophony of drunken women’s voices …
           “Ohmygod it’s so humid!” … “I’m so hungry!” … “I gotta pee! You guys! I gotta pee!” … “Okay, go pee!” … “Where’s the hostess? I mean, is this place even open?”
            The group of musicians sat, stone-still and quiet, like rodents trying to avoid detection from birds of prey.
            The waitresses pushed three tables together to accommodate the ladies.
            Gwendolyn had been counting. “Twenty-nine of them!” she said. “That just defies logic. Think of the logistics they’ve been battling with all weekend just to eat. Who in hell would travel in a group that large?”
           The musicians did their best to ignore the girls, but as the three rounds of tequila shots began to take effect the volume and pitch of the girls’ voices began swelling. It got worse when they broke into several different conversation clusters. All it took was one loud girl to push a domino effect into play: the girls next to her, unable to hear her own conversation, would start talking louder, and then the girls next to those girls would have to talk even louder, and so on and so on. And, then, someone, feeling uncomfortably too much like a wallflower, would feel the need to turn the stoplight on herself with an exclamation designed to climb atop every conversation in the room: “Oh! My! God!” … “Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” … “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!” And then every conversation would ratchet up one notch louder.
          Gwendolyn shook her head. “They sound like mad turkeys in a tin shed,” she said.


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